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Bolin's Heroes' first edition comic booklet completed!

We are happy to announce that the first edition Suicide Prevention comic booklet has been completed and is ready for FREE distribution to schools and youth organizations!  We have a limited supply of this edition while we continue to raise funds for reprints.  See the outside cover sample below.


To schedule a presentation to your school or organization, please e-mail Michelle Bolin at


To make a tax-deductible donation for reprints and expenses related to the FREE distribution of this booklet, click here:  DONATE!



BOLIN'S HEROES' 1st Edition Suicide Prevention Comic Created By:

Bob Pendarvis

Bob Pendarvis created and taught the very first comic book illustration classes at the Savannah College of Art and Design, quickly moving on to develop the school's BFA and MFA Sequential Art programs (the first in the nation). Many of his former students have gone on to work for companies like Marvel and DC Comics, DreamWorks, EA Games, Hasbro, Disney, Cartoon Network, IDW, Archie Comics, Vertigo and Dark Horse. Since leaving SCAD in 2009, Bob has edited and published four volumes of Sugar Ninjas (an all-girls sequential art anthology series, along with developing a series of graphic novels designed to explain the importance of drawing, design and visual storytelling (the first book, A GIRL CALLED ANA TEACHES KITTENS HOW TO DRAW, premiered in 2013, with book two due in the summer of 2017).

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